Average weekly spend online in Dec 2015 was £837.2 million, an increase of 8.2% compared with Dec 2014.*

*ONS, 22-01-16

Mobile’s share of UK digital commerce will leap to 33.3% in 2016.*

*eMarketer 20-09-15

Increase customers, transform margins

What’s not to like! With e-commerce you can reach not just your local area, as with a physical shop. You can reach not just the national market. In fact, you can reach the whole world – and many UK-based SME sites already do.


One of the beauties of the web is that potentially it creates a level playing field, having the ability to make small businesses look like a much larger enterprise. Potentially, that is. A well-presented and efficient website is more than essential.


With e-customers as with their physical counterparts, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. And it’s seriously quicker for them to hotfoot it to the next shop!

We don’t stop there either. What you really need is a mobile-friendly, responsive website that will look great and be easy to use on hand held devices. With Google and ONS reporting major upward shifts in mobile buying trends, it’s a part of the market you cannot afford to miss.


At MarketThing, we’re very experienced in creating websites that make a positive impression, welcome your customers and reflect your brand values. We’re also adept at developing highly lucrative e-commerce sites that convert customer interest into desire, and desire into orders. Most importantly, we have the combination of skills needed to put effective and secure e-commerce sites together:

  • Commercial and marketing understanding
  • Technical know-how of latest technologies and methodologies
  • Copywriting and content-creation skills
  • Creative and design flair
  • Photographic and video resources

In truth, it’s quite a journey, transforming your offline retail outlet into an e-commerce operation with potential to generate big revenues.


As you can see, it takes a range of diverse but vital skills.


However, together we can negotiate the journey successfully, transforming your operating costs and profit margins in the process.

More and more people are spending money online every day. In fact, last December alone, we spent nearly £8bn shopping online. An online shop makes a great addition to your business and with MarketThing you can give your customers the chance to buy your products online. E-commerce is your shop window on the internet, and a great shop will have customers coming back to your business again and again.

Design an Online Shop with MarketThing. How many people can you reach using conventional selling methods? With an online shop, you can reach the world!

E-commerce is your shop window on the internet – showing off your great products and service to a vast new audience. E-commerce is about creating an internet shop that is attractive, secure, easy to use , that makes trading a breeze, and encourages repeat business. Billions of pounds are spent online each month, and your business could take advantage of that.

What do MarketThing provide?

  • We create a visual shop design, making sure it is both easy to use and looks great
  • We create a secure e-commerce infrastructure, so that your customers are never at risk
  • We can even help you photograph your products to show them at their best to encourage sales.

You know you have great products and services to sell. Let us work with you to create an attractive online shop that draws customers in and encourages them to spend.