Website Design & Development

“Websites are not just a must have but show information about what you do for your customers.”

How We Design and Develop Your Website

  • 01 Goals

    We meet face to face to discuss and understand your business, and what you want to achieve from your website.

  • 02 Plan

    We plan the functionality, project delivery and content for your website. If you need content writing, we can do that for you.

  • 03 Design

    You agree the design, look and feel of the website that will be most engaging to your customers.

  • 04 Develop

    We build your website. All our websites are mobile responsive and will be optimised.

  • 05 Test

    We test across devices and web browsers to ensure functionality before you give us the go ahead to set your site live.

Website Design. More than meets the eye.

Customers are now more likely to visit your website than your shop, so a good website is really important.

We like to meet face to face to understand what you need to get out of your website and we need to understand who your customers are so we can create a website that is attractive to them. You will have sign off on each part of the development.

We don’t like cluttered websites and prefer a clean, easy to navigate format as this enhances user experience. We can gather analytics from your website for you and produce a monthly report to demonstrate how its performing.

And if you’re not sure about the content you want on your website, we can help write it for you.


Everyone knows that e-commerce is huge. If your business involves selling something, you’ll probably want your customers to be able to buy online. ¬†An e-commerce site gives customers 24 hour access to your product.

We will build you an e-commerce website that is easy for your customers to navigate, ensures your products look good and that is secure.

We apply basic optimisation to the website to make sure it search engine friendly when it goes live. Lots of online shopping is done via mobile, so all our websites are mobile responsive. We would also encourage you to use a review interface as customers like to compare products when buying online.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a specially created page that we use in ad campaigns. For instance, if you have a special offer want to run social media and Google ads, we would link the ads to the landing page. This page would give your customers specific information about the deal and how get it.

We design landing pages with a clear, compelling message, that are good to look at and have a clear call to action. The aim is to maximise conversion from the ad.