Website Design & Development

Our Website Design and Development Process

  • 01 Goals

    All about your business, and what your website needs to achieve.

  • 02 Plan

    Content strategy, functionality plan, wireframes, project delivery plan.

  • 03 Design

    Full interface design, look and feel of the website, responsive designs for multiple devices.

  • 04 Develop

    Building the website functionality using the identified frameworks and languages.

  • 05 Test

    Testing across devices and web browsers, issues will be fixed before deploying.


E-commerce is the fastest growing retail channel in Europe, with the UK outstripping Europe in their online spending habits.

An e-commerce site gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers both nationally and internationally. It gives customers 24 hour access to your product.

In fact, if you sell a product or service, you don’t need to justify the investment in an e-commerce solution; you need to justify why you don’t need an online shop.

Responsive Design

MarketThing makes sure your website is responsive, functions properly and looks good on all devices, not just PCs.

And with over 28% of online purchases in 2015 being made on smart phones and tablets – it’s as well to make sure your site is in the running.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems

MarketThing builds websites that you can maintain yourself using an inbuilt CMS.

We provide a tutorial and user guide to equip you with the skills to manage your own website. You can update your own content, add blogs, or manage your own online shop.

Or if you prefer, we offer a retainer service and we can do it all for you.

Website Design. More than meets the eye.

Professional web design is crucial in today’s online focused world. The internet has changed the way we do business. Consumers are more likely to visit your website than your shop, so it’s important that your site gives them the right impression. Since the year 2000, more than £300bn has been spent online.

At MarketThing we want to help you get a piece of that action, by designing a website which will help you stand out from the crowd, without breaking your budget! We can design your website from scratch, providing you with a completely bespoke design which satisfies both you and your customer.

Our website design is suitable for all kinds of businesses because we develop with your business in mind. Whether you have exact specifications in mind, or want us to create a unique web design for your home page, we will work to your brief, taking into account your customers needs and your competitors’ strengths.

Your website needs to be designed so that customers can find what they need in just a few clicks to showcase your products and services. At MarketThing, we understand this. Which is why our website design services are perfect for your business or organisation.

What do you want from your website design company?

  • An attractive site
  • Easy navigation for your site visitors
  • An effective marketing tool
  • A site that enhances your brand image

MarketThing’s web designers will create this website for you. We work with you until we fully understand your needs and the needs of your customers. Then we design a website to suit you, ensuring the functionality and layout works for both you and your website visitors.

Our Content Management Systems put control of the site into your hands, leaving you free to do what you do best!

Website Design work can include:

  • developing a database to collect critical information for your business
  • creating a secure e-commerce system
  • setting up and managing your social media platforms, that help increase your online presence

You need website design that stands above your competitors. At MarketThing we can provide that. Call us now to see how we can help provide web design for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a professional web design company?

We appreciate that it’s fairly simple to create a basic website nowadays.  However it takes real skill and experience to:

  • Make the site attractive and interesting to users
  • Incorporate modern functionality such as mobile compatibility
  • Make the site attractive to Google so that you rise in the search rankings
  • Create and manage a ‘cohesive approach’ incorporating many tools to maximise your online presence
  • Quickly adapt and expand into new strategies and technologies.

An experienced company can do all this and more. If you’re serious about your web presence, then please be serious about your choice of web design team.

With the emphasis on social media, do I still need a website?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’!  A website complements and reinforces your brand and image plus it gives users an area to target. From a business perspective people also still prefer to use a search engine (Google) to find the products and services they need – hence the need for a website for them to find.  Websites are also the best platform to give a clear and detailed message or to actually sell items from. Social Media is a great tool to drive people to your website, and when both are employed together they create a powerful online force.

Is it possible to build a future proof website?

That’s an interesting question! Well you can build a website which resides on the internet for many years. However this has two potential problems:

  1. Your site will eventually look outdated – plus the lack of updates could make people believe you have gone out of business.
  2. You will not rank well in internet searches as Google (and most other search engines) are looking for fresh content to satisfy their clients.  If your site never changes, Google frowns on this and your ranking within the search results will be penalised.

So clearly if you want to keep your site in the good graces of Google, and maximise its impact, you need fresh and changing content like blogs and news articles.