Social media is now part of everyday life.

The stats are staggering and it’s a great tool for business, enabling you to get your products right in front of your customers. Social media enables you to drive traffic to your website and offer your latest news.

MarketThing works closely with you to develop a strategy that enables you to connect with your target audience.


Billion users


of users check account more than 5 times a day


of marketers consider it useful for lead generation

How does Social Media work for business?

We will ensure your brand and messaging is consistent throughout all platforms.

We can produce video and photographs for use on your social media accounts giving you a unique look and reinforcing your brand.

We also manage your social media advertising campaigns enabling you to connect with your customers directly.

If you have a product or offer that you want to publicise social media marketing can be a really effective way of getting word out to the marketplace.


Million active users

55 - 64

years old is the fastest growing demographic


million tweets per day

What are the stats?

  • 1.06 billion active users on Facebook – who generated over 1.13 trillion likes last year.
  • Over 500 million Twitter accounts generating over a billion tweets and 1.6 billion searches each day.
  • And with over 500 million Google+ users.
  • YouTube has over 72 hours of new video content uploaded every minute.

So what will Social Media Marketing achieve?

  • Interact with your customers – old and new
  • Develop and strengthen your brand
  • Promote your message
  • Reach a massive audience

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