The power of YouTube Video in Marketing

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The power of YouTube Video in Marketing

We’re often asked what the next major trend in marketing is. Well at the moment the answer is fairly straightforward and is summed up in one word – video.

The spread of fast broadband and the proliferation of smart phones with camera capability have seen an explosion of video content being created.

One of the main channels for video content is the Google owned YouTube. The site is now the second most used search engine on the planet and attracts over 1 billion regular users.

In terms of content uploaded, a staggering 500+ hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. And an even more staggering 8 billion videos are viewed on the site every single day. Much of this growth can be attributed to the rise of the smart phone. With over half of YouTube’s videos now watched via mobile device, and the average mobile user watching over 40 minutes of video per session.

With statistics like these it’s not hard to see why video can be such as powerful marketing tool. But how do you get to stand out?

We recommend using high-quality video with good visuals and a clear message. Good visuals would include close ups, attention to the set, continuity and script. The viewer should get something out of watching the video. You could use a product demonstration in a ‘How To’ video or maybe tell your viewers about your latest special offer. And include a call to action. If a viewer is engaged let them know what to do next to get in touch with you.

Once you’re happy with the content and look of your video, you need to load it onto YouTube. Use every opportunity on YouTube to optimise your video. This will help viewers find your video.

You now need to let everyone out there know about the video, so tie it in with your social media activity and engage with potential customers.

Another reason to hire a professional is that they should have the skill base to optimise the video for search results. As with a website, optimisation is an important component when placing a video online as it tells YouTube what it needs to know about the video. For example what the video is about, an optimised heading, what category it should go in and the keywords (tags) linked to it. If you get these elements right then your video should hopefully start ranking in search results when people type in certain relevant keywords. As with Google, YouTube uses a complicated internal algorithm to dictate where videos will appear in search results. Some of the factors used to determine this are:

  • Keyword relevance
  • The number of subscribers to your channel.
  • Video length
  • Watch time (how long people watch your video for)
  • Customer reactions – including comments, likes and dislikes.


Another element that needs to be considered carefully is the use of YouTube annotations. We’ve all seen the videos where these have been used excessively and as opposed to closing them we simply click off the video. So the key is to use them sparingly and utilise them as a call to action for the viewer, something professionals should do effectively.

We have recently been filming regular vlogs for a major client in Liverpool and their impact has been brilliant with high viewing numbers on their channel.

And finally remember that a well created video can be used for other media channels as well. Whilst YouTube is the leader of the online video gang, video can be used on Facebook and Twitter for effective advertising and customer engagement.

So if you’re looking to market a new brand or product don’t

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