Video Demo Reel.

Being immersed in the production of videos, you start to appreciate that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Your videos are as individual as your products or business. The key is not only to stand out but also to mirror the zeitgeist of your audience.

We produce a vast variety of videos in different styles, from simple to complicated. It is not you or us choosing the style, the marketplace dictates the direction.

Our video team will help you to find what video style is best suited for your client demographics.

Right media – right market.

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The Mersey Estuary

Documentary style video production is a play on emotions.

Big vistas of breathtaking landscape, or intricate detail of your subject, this is the style for creating wildlife standard film production.

Stunning visuals combined with supporting soundscapes playing with the viewer’s emotions at a pace as nature intended.

Filmmaking at its most rewarding.

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GoPro action style

Event and action video

The GoPro Video is the most popular video style for the active person. Great for social media and Youtube.

The capability of the camera, it’s small size and rugged build make it the perfect system to get the job done.

With a little planning and setup, you can excellent results without the footprint of intrusive conventional camera equipment. Great for a fly on the wall view. You get the shot, and the job done.

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Animated video ad

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TV thrive on video ads. It’s impossible not to get lured into the world of advertising.

Consumers prefer video over the printed word. A proven fact and supported by the massive popularity of YouTube.

Animated video ads are a perfect platform to present static images of your product fashionably maybe mixed with some short video content.

Short, sharp and entertaining.

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Video for email marketing

Commercial email marketing is one of the pillars of a healthy well planned, thought out marketing strategy for a specific product.

Adding video as a means of presenting or explaining the functionality of your product has proven to be the most engaging and successful marketing strategy in connecting with your prospects and clients.

A video on email can increase click through rate by 300%.

Video is instant messaging and observing is in our nature.

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Product presentation

If you are providing a service, selling a product or want to get information to staff, public, customers or stakeholders quickly, a video presentation with detailed information could be perfect.

Watching a video is preferable to reading documentation and you can place emphasis on key messages.

Get information out there quickly and effectively. Drive engagement.

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Corporate product presentation

Explain functionality in its most straightforward form.

Video enables you to help your customer or prospect understand the mechanics or workings of your product quickly and easily.

Clear and informative video supported by discussion will avoid misunderstanding and makes communication easier.

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Video bumpers

What is a Video Bumper?

Bumpers provide a visual introduction to your video or presentation.

You get to set the mood, offer necessary information what to expect and set the scene.

Video bumpers are as crucial as the main story.

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