Video Marketing.

Video is everywhere. It informs and engages, it increases the likelihood of conversion, and it can boost your search engine rankings.

Video is the fastest growing delivery media for content and is here to stay. You Tube is the second largest search engine: 300 hours of video loaded every minute, 30 million+ visitors a day, 3.25 billion hours of video watched every month.

Video commands attention in a way that text cannot. It’s instant branding, allows you to address your audience directly and provides a relatable voice for your business.

A professional video can be used on your website, in email marketing, on your social media channels, and of course YouTube.

Having your own YouTube channel is a great way of boosting search engine rankings. And we optimise your video to reach your audience.

And don’t forget that videos can still be distributed on DVD and USB stick!

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MarketThing offers everything you need to get your video off the ground:

  • Creative concepts and storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting
  • Photography
  • Editing and post-production
  • Optimisation

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