Content and Copywriting

It’s what you say. And the way you say it.

Informative, accurate and original content

For a web site to succeed it needs to offer valid, accurate, reliable and original content. Also, if visitors are going to come back to your site, they need to know that the content will be refreshed on a regular basis, so they can keep on learning. A website is not a piece of print – it should develop and evolve.

Nor is it just human visitors who are getting choosy. Search engines can also separate the wheat from the chaff better than ever, and know what their readers are looking for. ‘Black hat’ tricks and spam that may have fooled them once upon a time don’t cut it any more. To rank well, you need quality content.

Enhanced user experience

Great copywriting can add a new dimension to the visitor experience, as well as communicating your messages in an entertaining and informative way. It can enhance your content, making what’s already interesting more exciting, and what’s ordinary extraordinary.

This is nothing new.

Great copy always pulled its weight in marketing, causing attitudes to shift, action to take place and order books to fill. However, what’s different now is that the Internet calls for a different emphasis. People come online for information, primarily, and are wary of the ‘hard sell’.

Compare it to the physical retail experience. Do you want a salesperson to jump on you the moment you enter a store? Or do you want them to just be there to give you helpful, expert advice when you’re good and ready? Exactly!

A professional job

You now need to take a professional approach to web site content and copywriting. Research is vital, and an important skill in its own right. You need content that will inform your visitors – about your company, your products and your industry. Through your web content, and blogs, you have a unique opportunity to impress and inform.

MarketThing has experienced copywriters who can work with you to get your message over. We can also help keep your website fresh and alive by producing informative blogs. We can even create email campaigns around your blogs to keep your existing and potential customers informed.

And if you haven’t got the time to actually write all this, give us the brief and we’ll do it for you. It also frees you and your team up for the job you do best.

Running your business.

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