Chrome (Google) killed off Adobe Flash

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Chrome (Google) killed off Adobe Flash

Sad day for Adobe Flash users using the Chrome browser.

Google is not the first one giving Flash a kicking. Apple kicked out Flash from the iOS platform months ago and it was only a matter of time for Google to follow.

Google is planning to phase out Chrome support for Flash by the end of this year.

I think people will be relieved because Flash truly became a bit of a troublemaker. Eating up memory like there is no tomorrow, crashing not only the browser, but taking the computer down with it.

But let’s be fair to Adobe’s Flash Program.

It was once the go-to platform for anything interesting on your website. Animation? Brilliant. Videos or streaming? Fantastic. Great looking games? Outstanding.

I do remember setting up a streaming server for a blue-chip company sharing videos and presentations. Now we have YouTube, Vimeo, and all the other streaming services. Some are free; others charge you for the service. Anyone remember the installation cost of a Flash server?

Let’s be honest. Flash was fantastic in its prime and we owe Macromedia and later Adobe huge gratitude for developing Flash and bringing Multimedia to the masses. Without Flash, the Internet would have been such a boring place. What would we have done with all our spare time?

Flash, we’ll never forget you, but it’s time you left the building.

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