Social Media Marketing

The 21st century marketer’s ‘must have’.

A wall covered in social media graffiti

The genre is here to stay

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram – it’s not just our social lives they’ve changed. They’re impacting our science of marketing too. Maybe it wasn’t the original intention, but that’s the outcome.

But is it just a fad? No. Fads last a few weeks or months, but Facebook is over 10 years old.

That’s not to say another brand or platform won’t usurp it at some stage, but as a genre, we all know that social media is here to stay.


Billion users


of users check account more than 5 times a day


of marketers consider it useful for lead generation

The question – is it really suitable for business marketing?

And the answer? Hmmm – it depends! Some companies have dived straight in and caught a nasty cold. Others have done very well by using social media the right way.


The truth is that for many companies and organisations social media is indeed a ‘must have’. After all, if they’re going to be talking about you, you almost certainly need to be in on the conversation!


Social media channels are places to communicate with your customers and prospects.

But it is good to remember that at the moment many people are still not looking to be ‘sold to’. They want to be updated, and generally kept abreast of what’s going on. Information gathering, yes. Overt selling? Probably not.


This applies to many areas of digital marketing. It’s the reason why tried and trusted copywriting phrases like ‘Buy it now’ and ‘Everything must go’ – in other words, the hardsell – often don’t do so well online. It doesn’t mean you can’t be effective at social media marketing, just that you must be subtle in the way you do it.

Which is where we come in.

We live social media

It’s no exaggeration to say that MarketThing live and breathe social media. For example, our MD Stephan Mayer is an inveterate tweeter. We got into the genre early and know its foibles better than most. With our experience, we can help you use social media to enhance your brand by:

  • Building and strengthening your relationship with your customers
  • Rubbing shoulders with key influencers in your sector
  • Delivering important messages and news
  • Commenting on relevant issues.

We offer a comprehensive social media marketing service including:

Strategy. It all starts here.

At the strategic stage, we consider issues such as actual and potential markets, brand profile and values, market trends, competitors’ activity and tactical promotions. An online marketing audit is key.

Campaign management. Why you need it.

Ask yourself a question. Do you have the time and effort required for this? Even if you do, do you have the experience and know-how? To succeed with social media takes real commitment. Users want quick, positive and friendly responses. Events have a habit of happening when it least suits you. And a social media campaign that falls short is worse than no campaign at all.

Training. Your place or ours?

If you want to go it alone we can train you and your team in the essentials, from engaging with users to promoting offers. Our social media team is well versed in both current social media theory and practice, and rather than general training we tailor your programme specifically to your company and industry.


Million active users

55 - 64

years old is the fastest growing demographic


million tweets per day

What can I gain through social media?

• 1.06 billion active users on Facebook – who generated over 1.13 trillion likes last year.

• Over 500 million Twitter accounts generating over a billion tweets and 1.6 billion searches each day.

• And with over 500 million Google+ users.

• YouTube has over 72 hours of new video content uploaded every minute.

Impressive figures and your potential customers are amongst them.

And usage is on the rise. In fact next time you’re on a bus or train have a look at how many people sit staring at their phones. All of them potential customers.

So what will Social Media Marketing achieve?

Interact with your customers – old and new
Develop and strengthen your brand
Promote your message
Reach a massive audience

The possibilities for putting your product or service in front of thousands of people are limitless… and don’t forget with social media marketing you can be available to your market whenever, wherever. No need to wait for customers to come to you.

Each channel has its own pluses and minuses.  The main marketing channels are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.  These have by far the largest market share and the largest audiences, so it makes sense to focus on them.  Google+ and YouTube are really helpful for Google rankings too.

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