Online Marketing Audit

Where are you now?

Time to find out

An online marketing audit is an assessment of your current position online, in comparison to your competitors. With online marketing, your business could really go places. But before you get moving, establish exactly where you are now.

MarketThing’s online marketing audit is an expert assessment of what elements you have in place already, how well they’re performing and where they may be falling short.

Nothing if not comprehensive, the audit looks at your entire online marketing operation, at both strategic and tactical levels, plus how it measures up in marketing, copywriting and design terms.

And, as you function in a competitive situation, we consider your competitors’ efforts too.

Marketing Blueprints

A solid baseline informs planning and strategy. We use online marketing audits as the basis of the subsequent activity we recommend and implement for our clients.

Also, if you’ve been adding online elements to your website on an ad-hoc basis, the audit reveals how well the various elements actually complement each other in practice – or not.

Personalised Report

If you’re not ready to commit to a marketing strategy just yet, an audit is the ideal way to dip your toe in the water.

MarketThing offers audits as a standalone service. And whatever you decide to do, you’ll receive a personalised report, with recommendations for further action based on our findings.

The details

Whenever you engage our services we automatically carry out an online marketing audit to ascertain where you stand in the marketplace compared to your competition. This is the cornerstone of our business and allows us to put together the right internet marketing strategies for you moving forward.

We are now pleased to offer this analysis as a standalone online marketing audit service in case you simply want to see where you’re positioned in the online world – maybe before you commit to any further work.

And if that’s the case then please read on…

Ask yourself:

  • Is your website delivering what you want it to?
  • Are you using the right keywords, and where do you rank for those keywords?
  • Do you have any toxic links that your site is being penalised for?
  • Is your site aesthetically pleasing and easily navigated?
  • Are you delivering the right message to the right people on Social Media?
  • Do you actively engage and interact with your followers?
  • Are you getting a return on investment from all your online activity?
  • How do you compare against your competitors?

These are just a few of the questions you need to be asking in regards to your online marketing activities.

But do you have the skills and the tools to answer these questions?

That’s where MarketThing can help you! By utilising our marketing experience in conjunction with industry leading tools we can provide the answers you’re looking for.

Why Audit?

  • Having a healthy, cohesive online marketing strategy is vital in delivering the right message to your prospective customers.
  • The monitoring of performance from online marketing campaigns is often overlooked, and this means you cannot ascertain your return on investment.
  • It is often the case that a company introduces varying online ‘products’ at differing times, and this often means they have a differing style and message. Giving a confusing and mixed message to your prospective customers – which ultimately diminishes the effectiveness of your communication with them.
  • Another aspect to consider is how your competitor’s campaigns are performing compared to yours. Is their online presence better than yours? Are they ‘winning over’ your hard earned customers – or attracting potential new customers to their brand?

MarketThing can run an in depth health check on your online marketing strategies and campaigns to establish whether they are delivering the results you require, or whether they can be tweaked to deliver even more.

We take a dual approach to the online marketing audit process:

  1. Technical – what are the analytics/statistics around your online activity?
  2. Aesthetic – how do your campaigns look, feel and operate for the user?

After running our extensive online marketing audit you will receive a personalised report with recommendations for moving forward and maximising your campaigns. This will be underpinned and evidenced by statistical analysis.

So why not make sure you are getting the most from your online efforts and tap into our extensive experience and knowledge to help you move forward.

Contact us today. Effective online marketing is essential, so make sure you’re in the best shape you can be with an online marketing audit from MarketThing.

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