Landing Pages

Landing pages – a door direct to the department.


Internet attention spans can be measured in nanoseconds – and that’s where landing pages come in. You want to get the right information to your customers as soon as they click the link. Irrelevant or hard-to-find content is likely to turn off would-be prospects. Or they may simply get lost. Either way, you lose. Unless you have a landing page!

The House Maker landing page screenshot on a tablet

Works for people and robots alike

With a landing page, your visitors go direct to the content they want, with no messing around. If you like, think of it as a private door for a department store, which takes you right to the very department you want. After all, there’s no point having to navigate through hardware if you’re looking for ladies’ fashion.

As an alternative to a page on your main website, you could even have a dedicated, independent landing page, complete with its own domain name.

This is excellent for SEO as it’s highly specific and easy to find, especially with the offer in the URL as in, say,

an integrated strategy

MarketThing can design your landing page – or pages, there’s no limit – to show visitors exactly what they expect to see. Experience has shown MarketThing that it can influence conversion rates for promotions and other initiatives considerably. What’s more, bespoke landing pages don’t just impress human eyes. Search engines like them too, and we can optimise specifically for this.

As part of an integrated digital marketing campaign featuring Pay Per Click, banner advertising, email and social media, a landing page can enhance its effectiveness dramatically. But only if it’s done right, which is where MarketThing come in. The right design, the right message and the right call to action combine to make your landing page convert.

Boost your SEO ranking

If you want to rank well for a particular keyword or key phrase then why not create targeted Landing Pages or microsites around it?

But hold on and let’s think about this for a minute.

Is having landing pages (sometimes called microsites) for a particular product or service optimised for your favourite search engine worth the investment of time and money? Well if you’re looking to guide web traffic from any of the scenarios below – the answer is a definite YES!

  • Traffic from a PPC ( Pay Per Click campaign ). This is very specific traffic expecting very specific content.
  • Traffic from banner ads or linking campaigns for a highly targeted audience.
  • Visitors sent from email or direct campaigns reacting to a special offer.
  • Traffic sent from Blogs, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media source.

When you have a very targeted message or offer, a dedicated landing page can be the most powerful and effective way to reach your desired audience. Because of its ‘laser’ targeted nature a landing page has a very high ‘conversion’ rate and can provide a great return on investment, remember people who visit are already interested in your product.

A landing page can be part of an existing site, or to get the maximum benefit it can even have its own dedicated and targeted domain name to really focus a search engines ability to find it. For instance if you wanted to target a special offer on purple widgets in Liverpool you could acquire the domain “” and drive your traffic there. Very targeted and very specific to your chosen market plus friendly and easy to find by the search engines. A win / win situation!

The key must-haves for landing pages.

1. A purpose, a goal, a reason to exist. One clear message, not two or three – just the one.

2. A great headline.

3. Relevant images. But don’t litter the landing page with unnecessary images. Too many will take the attention away from the main message.

4. White space – this is your friend! Keep the design free of clutter.

5. A slimline design. This is the goal for super fast landing pages. Don’t ask your visitor to download large PDF files just to understand your message.

6. Keep it short. Don’t waste your visitors’ time with boring copy.

7. The copy should flow easily and be straight to the point.

8. A ‘call to action’ – what does the visitor need to do next.

9. The ability to gather visitor data – how attractive is your offer to your customers?

10. And most importantly, stand out from your competition. Don’t copy their idea, be original!

So why not unleash the power of a landing page or microsite when you have a specific message or offer.

Our team will create a perfectly optimised landing page for maximum impact, including a keyword rich URL. Straight to the point.

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