Email Marketing

The big thing for 2016!


The numbers

Over 200 billion emails are sent every day and they’re still on the rise. This is an astronomical statistic in anybody’s book.

Either as a means of personal communication, or a marketing tool, email is one of the great online success stories. And one reason for email’s success is that it’s so accessible. It offers a highly appropriate medium for serious content, including marketing content.

And it’s predicted that 2016 will see a resurgence in this tried and tested digital marketing tool, with the emergence of exciting new interactive features.

Cost effective

The obvious saving is on print and postage. But email also enables you to make the most of every bit of effort that goes into your business.

You can hyper-target specific information to a specific audience, or person.  You can spread the word about your blogs, your offers and you can drive traffic to your website.  

Email can position you as an expert and go-to source of information within your sector.


It’s a great way to build and reinforce relationships with customers and prospects. Once you establish this relationship, you then have a database from which you can generate business.

Open Rate
Click Through Rate

Easy to measure

Email marketing is very trackable. MarketThing provides you with data which measures the effectiveness of each campaign.

By measuring, you can see what works, what doesn’t, test, change direction and measure again.

Hone your messages, build your audience and reinforce your brand.

It can be clearly seen that beyond the spoken word emails are one of the world’s most popular forms of communication.

Utilising email marketing is a great way to promote your business. In fact in our experience an effective email marketing campaign can be one of the best marketing investments available today. Never forget it’s still considered the most ‘business orientated’ form of communication and probably always will be.

Remember that email marketing is a relatively cheap form of marketing as you don’t absorb the traditional printing and postage costs. A carefully planned and well executed email marketing campaign can deliver high yields for your business.

But what do you want from an email marketing campaign? Sell a specific product or service to your chosen target market? Generate more visitors to your web site? Raise your profile? Generate new sales? Expand your customer base? Prompt new business from and manage your existing customers?

Email marketing can deliver all of this, providing you plan, implement and track carefully. And don’t forget a cautious eye must always be focused on the legislation currently governing its usage.

MarketThing can manage the whole process for you.

At MarketThing we consider:

Your Target Audience – Who is your audience? Each target audience may require a distinct approach and a different message. We develop our emails to have the maximum impact on your target audience. Our emails are also designed to be responsive – to account for the wide array of devices that people now use to view their emails.

Your Objectives – What do you want to achieve? Do you want to raise awareness, generate leads, close sales or improve customer relationship and retention? We discuss this with you and design an email that suits your needs.

Measuring Success – We track the number of emails opened, the number of ‘click throughs’ generated, the number of unsubscribes and the number of bounce backs your campaign gets. We then provide you with these statistics, and use them to plan the next campaign.

Start planning a successful email marketing campaign today.

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