Digital Marketing

Online Marketing Audit

The MarketThing online marketing audit is an assessment of your current position as an online presence. It also compares you to your competitors. We identify the areas that you are performing really well in, and those that need improvement. The online marketing audit is essential to planning your online strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

There is no quick fix to ranking on the first page in Google or other search engines. It is a measured, methodical process that is built on research, strong content and a great user experience. Our methods take time and commitment, and they work.

Screenshot of MarketThing search engine optimisation monitoring software
Screenshot of MarketThing Pay per Click tracking software

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is paid advertising on search engines. Here’s how it works. MarketThing helps you choose a search term that you want your advert to appear for. You only pay when your advert is clicked on, and what you pay is based on how many other advertisers want to be found for the same search term. Your advert appears at the top of page one.

The House Maker landing page screenshot on a tablet

Landing Pages

Bring your visitors straight to the information they need, without having to negotiate the rest of your website. Or, direct your visitors to the information you want them to have! Landing pages can work with Pay Per Click to maximise results. 

Email Marketing

Despite predictions over the years of its demise, email is the digital marketing channel that refuses to go away! Let MarketThing help you get your message across to your existing and potential clients. Maintain a relationship with your audience or position yourself as an expert within your industry.

Not only is email here to stay – we predict big changes in 2016. Make sure you utilise it.

Social Media Marketing

The social media possibilities are endless. Promote products, drive website traffic, manage customer service, interact with your widest possible audience. MarketThing works closely with you to develop a strategy that enables you to connect with your target audience.

A wall covered in social media graffiti