The Changing Face of Social Media and How You Can Take Advantage of It

Social Media changing the landscape for business. Taking advantage is a must for any business leader

The Changing Face of Social Media and How You Can Take Advantage of It

A few years ago, Twitter and Facebook were the only social media outlets you needed. But in a very short space of time, they’ve been joined by a wealth of different social media sites all with very different audiences, styles and methods of getting your message across. In this blog, we look at these new sites and ask how you can harness their power to improve your online presence.

Social Media is evolving. From the text-based world of Twitter and Facebook, has come a new form of image heavy sites, such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. More and more of your customers are taking to these sites, and it’s vital that your business joins them.

But how do you take advantage of social media when it relies on images, rather than text to get its point across. In this blog, we show you how.

What Challenges Do The New Sites Present?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + are relatively easy for all businesses to get their heads around. These text based sites, allow you to post a message to your customers and watch how they interact with your business in the meantime. But image based sites like Instagram and Pinterest can be a little bit trickier to understand, and many businesses are struggling to find the value in using such sites.

What Are Businesses Doing Wrong?

Ignoring social media is a big mistake, especially in a world where the consumer is interacting with information all the time. Even when your business is closed, social media provides a way for you to interact with the customer outside of business hours, and turn those interactions into sales. It’s vital that as a business you get your head around the various social media outlets, and use them to your advantage.

So What’s The Solution?

The answer is simple. You need to adapt your business to have a presence online across as many social networks as possible. Remember, that just because you’re not on social media sites doesn’t mean that customers aren’t using those sites to discuss your products or services. By engaging those customers, online you can effectively take control of your output and get customers talking about your products exactly how you want them to.

How Can You Take Advantage of New Social Media Sites?

The beauty about visual social media sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram is that they are providing businesses with more information about their customers than ever before. By monitoring the sorts of images that are being shared by your customers, you can market yourself to them effectively. If you’re a florist, for example who provides wedding flowers, then take a look at what images your customers are posting regarding weddings, then share photos of your bouquets with them.

Social Media can be a scary prospect to consider for many businesses, but it’s vital that you maintain a presence on as many networks as you can in order to drive customers back to your website, so you can turn their interactions into sales.

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