About Us

Welcome to MarketThing

MarketThing has grown from Living Media – a digital marketing company set up in 1997. MarketThing evolved to reflect the range and diversity of services now offered. We have grown from being a web design company to encompassing all elements of on and offline marketing.

So we’ve gone from developing great websites to delivering great design, copywriting, event management, SEO, social media and producing original collateral.

We understand the importance of your brand, of your website, of your online and offline exposure. So now we offer the full range of services needed to get your company ‘out there’.

Y’know – it’s a MarketThing…

  • Website

    Need a fab new website?
    We do that.

  • Optimisation

    Need the website optimising? We do that.

  • Rebrand

    Need a total rebrand?
    We do that.

  • Events

    Need a slick event?
    We do that.

  • Social

    Need to engage via social?
    We do that.

How we work

First meeting

We believe in a collaborative approach – we don’t do marketing to you. We know from experience that things work best when the communication and chemistry is right.

Our first meeting can take place either at your offices – or in our easy to reach Liverpool city centre office. It’s informal with the aim of gaining a good understanding of your company. We ask lots about your products, customers, competitors, stumbling blocks and business aims.

We get our team together back at the ranch to discuss how we could best get you to where you want to be and work out an overarching strategy.


After the team meeting we produce a proposal for your business based on the information captured in our initial meeting. We’ll discuss this proposal with you and discuss our thinking and why we feel it would work for you.

Project commencement

You like what we propose and we’re all on board! We’ll then spend some more time getting to know your business and starting to put the initial building blocks of the project in place. With MarketThing you’ll have a dedicated project manager, and you’ll also have access to the designers working specifically on your project.

This gives you ultimate control on your project and the outcomes it produces. We’ll make sure you are kept up to date with our progress, and we’ll need your feedback and input where appropriate. We’ve found that having a named contact your end, with the authority to sign work off, works best.

Sign Off

Once we’ve completed the project we’ll ask you to ‘sign off’ to say that you’re happy with the product we’ve provided you with. You will have been involved along the way.

However it doesn’t stop there!!!


We offer retainers of up to 12 months. A retainer contract can vary from a simple web maintenance programme to a full blown, on-going marketing campaign.

Why Us?

If you are looking for a cheap website delivered inside a week and black hat SEO we’d have to say we’re not the company for you.

If you’re looking for a marketing partner who wants to deliver quality products and wants your company to succeed as much as you do, then why not give us a call?